Named Kielo Thrice

Hey, it's been a while! I'm back with the dress everyone else has already made haha. The Kielo was a dress I glanced at then quickly moved on based on the sample (brushing it off as something for tall folks with elfish physiques). It wasn't until I saw this awesome version from Erica that I even considered giving it a second chance/blatantly copying her version (now I've made three!! and one is a maxi!)

I wasn’t going to share anything on here, but I realised how useful it was to me to see the dress on someone with a more similar height/shape, and I did actually struggle to find info about FBA’s related to this dress, so maybe my post might help someone looking for the same info I was.

First up the maxi… I haven’t worn a maxi anything since maxi denim skirts were cool in high school, and somewhere along the way I decided only tall people could pull them off - how wrong I was!. This was my birthday dress and I love it! I enjoy how it feels glamorous out at night but then also I can happily tromp around all day in it. Fabric is Black bamboo jersey from Leo’s Textiles

Next the short versions…

I’ve been working on my closet/style for a wee while using the curated closet book, one thing that has come out loud and clear is my love of jewel tones – this green version ticked that box perfectly, the fabric is also bamboo jersey from Leo’s

As part of this style evolution I have also been pushing myself to experiment a bit more… enter this grey version (I won this fabric from Blackbird Fabrics when I was at Camp Workroom Social, it’s also a bamboo knit). While I actually do think it looks nice, and I enjoy the shade on others, it didn’t really feel “me” and after a few wears I still didn’t really feel comfortable wearing it…

Enter a packet of red dye (idye crimson) I had in my stash, my big dye cauldron, and voila! I love how this turned out, especially how the marl comes through and gives the colour a bit of texture. This feels very me!


Apologies for the mixed metric and imperial that follows... it's a weird habit I seem to have developed using both, mostly I think because I like round numbers?!

My standard adjustments:

  • approx. 1 inch forward shoulder

  • approx. 4cm FBA (I always size based off upper bust measurement)

  • bodice shortening + overall shortening (I'm 5'2" / 1.59m)

Pattern Adjustments:

  • Shortened 1 inch above the bust line as a cheater forward shoulder adjustment

  • Shortened 5/8 inch at waist

  • Shortened 12 cm, 2 inchs below hip line (rather than at the hem as I wanted to maintain the shape)

  • Raised armhole 1 1/2 inch

  • I did not do an FBA which is very rare for me, but the blousy wrap nature of the middle of the dress combined with very stretchy fabric meant it actually worked without one

For the short version, in addition to all of the above I also

  • Shortened an additional 12inchs at same point (2inch below hip line) – I filled in the gaps to smooth out side seam

  • Raised slit 1 inch

Overall I’m really stoked with this dress it is a TNT for sure!

Thanks for reading my ramblings!



  1. Love your Kielos! I haven't bought/tried this pattern because for almost 50 years I've just NOT wanted anything that could possibly draw attention to my waist... mostly because it's rather of non-existent :) and although stylists say that's a good reason TO emphasize it, I remain unconvinced. But I've seen so many that look fabulous - wonderful to wear, flattering and yours!... I loved especially the red one! Such a luscious colour on you. If you like this pattern you might also like to style it into a jumpsuit - Katja has a tutorial on her site for how to accomplish this (I'm not "promoting" in this link in case you wondered - I just thought her directions were amazing and helpful to anyone loving this pattern)

  2. Thanks! I definitely recommend it's waist when it comes to feeling comfy after big meals, the wrap disguises while the stretchyness accommodates nicely 😂😊👌🏼

  3. Thank you very much for posting and sharing that someone who is not a tall slender figure can still pull off this dress. I have always worn pants and never really ventured into wearing dresses. I have started recently making my own dresses. Your post inspired me to buy the pattern and try the kielo!

  4. Hi! I'm just hopping on the kielo train (crazy late, I know^^) and I found your blog because I was searching for instructions to shorten the kielo and to handle an FBA. I am only 5'3" and have a difference between upper bust/high bust and full bust that is 4". Now I wonder: how did you determine where (shoulder-bust, bust-waist, waist-hip, below hip) to shorten how much? Did you guess it or measure it somehow? And I read you did not do an FBA. But if you where about to do it, how would you go about it? You dresses look amaaaazing so I hope you can give some tips! Greetings, Anna

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