Deer and Doe Reglisse - Wedding Belles pt 5

It has been 6 months since the wedding…Seems like about time to actually write the final instalment, my dress, the Deer and Doe Reglisse! (bonus of sewing your own maid of honour dress is that I have actually managed to wear this dress on 2 more occasions!)

Given Ju wasn’t very picky about my dress and as I often test out my sewing ideas/concept with her it didn’t take long to narrow it down to something navy and textured.


A day missioning around the Toronto fabric stores I settled on a navy lace with leaf pattern from Designer Fabrics

Lined with navy silk from Downtown Fabric


We mined my stash and settled on the Reglisse from Deer & Doe, which funnily enough I originally bought with Ju in mind.

Side note for taller folks out their I’m 5’2/159cm tall and the length of this on me is unaltered and without a hem.


Based off my measurement and having made the Belladone by Deer & Doe I was fairly confident I’d need an FBA off the bat. So added one of 1.5 inch and made up a Muslin.

My muslin was unfortunately a frumpy disaster. But after stumbling across a review from Deepika I lowered the bust darts 1 inch which helped (incidentally I think this is something I should do more often!).

As I was sewing with Lace, I added lining, this was made pretty tricky due to the construction of the neckline using bias binding. Given I was on a deadline with Ju's wedding dress taking priority I fudged it together awkwardly. If I did it over I'd change up the construction perhaps omitting the bias, and lining properly with the collar sandwiched.

Overall it came together pretty easily, and for the purpose it was perfect. But to be honest while I love many of the versions of this dress floating around online, I’m not totally sold on this for me. It may be the volume around the top… I’m thinking of removing the collar and sleeves to see if that helps...

But also I've been doing a bit of navel gazing about the styles and shapes I like vs actually like me (meaning I feel awesome in them) and starting to let go of some where my love is unrequited haha... actually after reading Christine's post here I'm considering taking a crack at the wardrobe architect has anyone else had good success?

Hils x


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