Seamwork Almada - Wedding Belles Pt 4

Second to last part of the wedding belles!

This was a wee bit of a last minute addition. I happened on the fabric at king textiles, when I was looking for fabric for the wedding dress toile. Because clearly I needed more to do... I decided it was meant to be a slinky dressing gown for Ju to get ready in.


The pattern was the Seamwork Almada, picked mostly for the promised 2 hour making time (one of my fews sensible acts in this whole process haha) and the interesting shape.

While I've been subscribing to Seamwork since it came out this is the first time I've used one of their patterns. Overall I was pretty happy with it, the pattern was quite simple so it was very quick and easy, cutting and sewing came in under the promised 2 hours! Small down side was the pdf factor... I'm firmly in camp printed pattern due to extreme laziness when it comes to cutting ad taping... but thankfully my other half took pity on me and fulfilled my completely unreasonable request to cut out the pages for me!


Not really any, I made the XS, but as I wanted the gown to be good for wearing with nothing underneath I did the 3XL for length.

Overall pretty happy with how it turned out, one last wee finishing touch to the wedding belle making extravaganza!

Hils x


  1. I absolutely love this robe! You did an amazing job. Every time I see one of your creations I tell myself I HAVE to learn how to sew!

  2. Thanks Rach ? you should learn! I'm always happy to teach ?


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