Wedding Belle's Pt 1. The planning...

So a week ago I got some pretty exciting news... my sister Ju is getting married!

Which means the creative bat signal has gone out in my family... which for me means I have a wedding dress and matron of honour dress to start creating!

But wait there's more... because of course neither of those two things are much of a challenge on their own (cue laugh cry emoji). Let's toss in a wee time crunch... the wedding is end of July 2016 - as in 5 weeks from now... gulp, and for extra fun lets put us all in different continents (Ju currently lives in Paris with her french soon to be husband and Mum is back home in NZ). Which leaves only one day prior to the wedding for fitting adjustments... bahaha piece of cake (...tries to ignore maniacal eye twitch starting).

But in all seriousness I am actually pretty excited, Ju is a very talented pastry chef (yes this is gushy but whatever she's my sai mui) and she set the bar really high creating the masterpiece of a cake below for my wedding. So I can't wait to wield my very mild super power and sew up a storm for her :) not to mention this wedding will be in PARIS the CITY OF freaking LOVE xox

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Because this wee journey is bound to be full of insanity I'd thought I'd share the story as it happens, starting of course with the pinterest planning.

Ju's dress is something I've mulled about over the years, always knowing I'd be making it. Thankfully once we actually sat down to talk ideas, we were totally on the same page

Audrey, Tea length, Back detail, Textured Fabric, Ju also added perhaps not white.

Below are some of the inspiration pics we worked though to get to a final:

First the shape, we narrowed down the "Audrey" to mean a bateau neck line, fit and flare silhouette, and tea length hem.

Then we decided the back detail would be an open back with a statement "something" in place of a veil.

Next came colour and texture, we narrowed it down to a soft flowing very light tulle, with some sort of embroidery, and a soft hint of colour.

Armed with all this it was time to get shopping... the pattern turned out to be a breeze, not going to reveal yet but picked a lovely wee Vogue number, with some pretty spectacular back detail!

Fabric shopping was a touch hilarious involving three time zones and Skype. Amazingly the perfect fabric was the first one I touched, in the first store I entered. We then spent the next hour or so debating the under fabric for the tulle and second guessing our choices due to how damn easy they'd come about! Once it ticked over to a respectable hour of the morning in NZ Mum joined to help push through the final choice. Again, reveal to come, but rest assured it hits all boxes for texture, fall, and colour :)

Next up is the Bridesmaid Dress, Brides Garter, and other miscellaneous projects I can't resist adding to the list.

Hils x

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  1. Oh Hilary - this is just perfect. I can't wait to see it.

  2. How exciting! Keep breathing through the stress... Time crunch, sewing for someone special, big day/audience... Looks like everything is already going very well with the pattern and fabric selection!

  3. thanks :) see you soon!

  4. haha thanks! yes lots of deep breathing going on :) will be worth it in the end!

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